A blog? Now?

A blog. I’m only about 20 years behind, right? I think a lot about my online presence… usually it’s something to do with it being far less important than my real life presence. Secondly, that there are so many voices on the ole’ inter-webs. Who needs to see another one? Besides, isn’t everyone on to podcasts or vlogging now? Whatever weight these arguments might have, the time has come for me to wish them well. I’ve now entered the blog-o-sphere!

It’s more than a simple occasion that has brought me here, but the advice of my new co-workers at The Dale Ministries. As the title of my blog might suggest, my entries will predominantly communicate my own musings on life and ministry here in the Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto, where I’ve come to realize my calling as a local urban missionary. It will give my friends and family the opportunity to keep right up to date with my thoughts, experiences, passions, struggles, and perhaps draw in the odd online straggler.

I’m elated to be joining The Dale Ministries in Parkdale. I’ve been working in this neighbourhood the past year and half, and much of my time here has been spent asking of the Lord what exactly I’m here for. I’ve found that often times we’re given just enough to “go” on. 18 months may not be a long time, but it’s been enough to build a great relationship with the staff and people of The Dale, and in the end we’ve seen that God has been at work to bring us together, which has been a wonderful revelation. I count myself very fortunate to join the team consisting of Erinn Oxford, Joanna Moon, and Meagan Knight (all of whose blogs I follow on this site!) and am filled with anticipation as to what the Lord has in store for us all moving forward.

I’ve always thought that my life is an open book for anyone who cares to read it. This is not to assume of course that anyone would care to read it, but that I desire to live a life of faith in transparency. This blog is an extension of that. I don’t suppose I’ll ever favour the blog-o-sphere over the blessing of looking a fellow human in the eye, of that I’m certain. But here I am anyway, and I invite you to participate with me here and interact with my musings as you feel comfortable or otherwise led.

Here we go!

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