Waiting for Monday

I’m sitting here on a Saturday, thinking of the week that was. There’s plenty to be thankful for. There are elements of regret and lament, and everything to pray for.

And there’s life – or more specifically, life-giving moments. There are lots of those. I think of our Monday Lunch which has undertaken quite a change over the course of the past couple of months. Instead of sitting around a table together, serving one-another, and eating together, there are just a small handful of us doing the prep work and serving – and no eating together.

This is a sad reality, however there are bright spots that are truly life-giving. As we have more or less settled on a new routine of distributing groceries and lunches on Monday’s, we’ve aimed to cover the bases to make this experience the best (most loving), smoothest, and safest possible. This consists of having a “runner” who brings out the food for distribution, a “server” who gives out the food, a “greeter” who welcomes and chats with folks as they wait in line, making sure everyone keeps a safe distance, and a “closer” for lack of a better term, who walks with those as they are leaving, offering a further friendly connection to those who may particularly be in need of some kind of human-to-human interaction during this difficult time.

There are truly life-giving moments no matter what I find myself doing on any given Monday. But as I sit here today, I’m particularly thankful for the opportunity to be a greeter. In a time of quarantine and isolation, I’m meeting new people and getting to know them. Everyone’s got a name, a story, and a care. Hearing more about my neighbour is such a blessing, especially at a time like this. I’m sitting here on Saturday, looking forward to Monday.

I’m a Community Worker at The Dale Ministries – we seek to empower those experiencing poverty of spirit or space. We have little, but give and share what we have. As part of this labour of love, I seek to raise 100% of my salary to continue in this work. If you’d like to donate, please click this direct link https://www.thedale.org/donate/ or contact me at pete@thedale.org for more information.

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